Online Dating Merchant Account provided by Amald

Although Online Dating Merchant Account is considered as high-risk, Amald provides the exact solution for your merchant account. We have a merchant account solution for your dating websites.

  • Compatibility Websites
  • Dating Websites for seniors
  • Geographic Sites
  • Niche Dating Websites
  • Particular Races, Cultures
  • Spiritual Dating Websites
  • Adult Dating Websites
  • GLBT Dating Websites

Approval Schedule for Online Dating Merchants

The time taken by Amald varies for Online Dating Merchant Account and we offer an approximation Offshore Online Dating Business Account through payment processing of the past record and it takes 5 business days to 14 days.

  • If it is a start-up firm in overseas then we offer the merchant account to online dating business within 5 business days to 14 days.
  • If there is a Domestic Online Dating Business Account then we process the credit card within 5 business days to at least 2 weeks.
  • We assist the merchants with a virtual check solution for online dating account within 2-3 business days

How to get an Online Dating Merchant Account?

If you are looking for Online Dating Merchant Account from us then you can contact our customer service executives who will provide you complete info regarding the merchant account set up. We offer diverse solutions for our clients which are given underneath-

Online Dating Business Accounts for Overseas (with payment processing account)

We need 3-6 months of payment processing reports which can display your company name including total sales, returns, chargebacks as well as refunds. 3 months report associated with business banking statements. We approve the whole process within 5 business days to at least two weeks on the whole.

Online Dating Merchant Account Overseas, start-up business

If it is a startup firm situated overseas then 3 months of industry’s banking declarations or else a business banking letter is needed. If the firm lacks business banking statements, we will consider the industry’s 3 months of individual banking reports. Your Online Dating Merchant Account is approved within 5 operative days to two weeks.

Domestic Online Dating Merchant Accounts for Businesses

If you are looking domestic account for your online dating industry then you must submit the following credentials which include-

  • Application for opening a merchant account
  • Appropriate papers of incorporation
  • Identity proof of yours
  • A business bank letter for a merchant account
  • 3 months of industry’s banking reports which must exhibit- Company name, all sales, chargebacks, repayments as well as earnings

The approvals are completed from acquiring bank within 2 weeks.

Why are Online Dating Businesses considered as High Risk?

Online Dating Industries are considered high-risk due to two reasons.

Firstly, due to the high chargebacks that online dating industry encounters in the business. Consumers who go for online dating web at times find a suitable match and sometimes they are not able to get an appropriate suitor for them. The result is that the consumers file a chargeback with their credit card processor mentioning the online dating business unsuccessful to provide a suitable facility.

Secondly, the underwriters at times find that an online dating website is meant for escort amenities or even prostitution. Our underwriters will fully verify all the details before providing Online Dating Merchant Account for your business.

Thus, Amald provides a complete payment gateway solution for credit card processing to the online dating business and consider them if they find them that it is too safe and secure for a merchant account.

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