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With our flexible services, receive digital payments on any device or channel, no matter what your business model. Efficiently manage your sales and transactions! We give you the ultimate solution based on upgraded technology to enhance every customer experience. We offer a complete customised and flexible payments solutions. You can freely set up payments the way you wish.

With Amald a global presence, expand your business beyond the geographical limits. You can easily integrate with a new payment system and functionality. This will free you up from managing multiple providers and local acquirers from different payment options.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is a bank account set up expressly for businesses that allows them to make and accept payments. For most merchants, merchant accounts are an important part of their business operations. Merchant account services are frequently accompanied by additional fees, as well as a variety of services.

Payment Gateway

Internet-based software that permits electronic check (eCheck), automated clearing house (ACH), and credit card transactions. It encrypts sensitive data and submits transactions for processing, ensuring that all information between the client and the merchant, as well as between the merchant and the payment processor, is transmitted safely.

Credit Card Solutions

Credit cards are gradually becoming the primary means of payment throughout the world. If you run a business and do not accept credit card transactions, you may find yourself on the losing end. Accepting credit cards will enhance sales and generally provide favourable effects for your business, regardless of what type of business you are in. Taking credit card payments establishes your company as legitimate in the industry.

eCheck Payment Solutions

When compared to regular checks, eChecks help to speed up payment processing. Electronic checks reduce several of the steps involved in processing and depositing traditional checks. This speeds up the eCheck procedure. Electronic checks are becoming more popular in new industries for depositing and purchasing alternatives. Electronic checks also allow customers to pay online without having to mail or deliver their paper check. This method allows money to travel considerably more quickly.

Chargeback Protection

When a customer registers a dispute with their bank over a credit or check card transaction, chargebacks occur. Merchants are usually kept out of the dispute resolution process. Customers are not telling the merchant about questions at an increasing rate. Amald tailors payment processing solutions to each client’s specific requirements and offers effective chargeback protection guidance.

Unified commerce platforms

Amald offers a unified commerce platform experience in mobile devices, online, wallets payment and wherever your business is your business setup. With this you experience frictionless checkout experience worldwide. You can enjoy the same payments setup across all sales channels and locations.

Revenue Optimization – More Approved Transaction More Profit

Amald creates the payment process simply, and on the other side, we put our efforts to make it more beneficial & convenient for you and your customers. This will help you to accelerate the revenue across the payment flow.

  • Decrease the failed transactions
  • Use stronger authentication
  • Recover declined payments with smart retries
  • Get increased card approval rates
  • Enjoy real time reporting whenever you require.

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