Additional Payment Methods


The traditional credit cards & debit cards are losing market dominance in the payment industry as the data & mobile device penetration has enabled a major population to look beyond the cards. The Fin-Tech companies had timely sensed the opportunity and offered the best of digital payment solutions & applications to fuel the growth of E-commerce which was just limited to elite market.

The era of digital payments has just begun and it already has changed the traditional payment industry. It’s a win-win situation for all.

All payment processed other than card transactions falls under this category.

What it means for Merchants.

  1. Merchants having multiple payment methods have seen nearly 30% to 35% growth in revenue & market share.
  2. APMs have very low (negligible) charge back ratio in comparison to card payments.
  3. It has faster settlement period usually 24-48 hrs.
  4. A very low or No fee for integration & faster approval in comparison to card payment gateway.
  5. It triples your mobile conversion rate…  Yes, triple as most of the potential reach out to you on mobile devices & a wallet payment options increases the chance of sale as it avoids the hassles of filling long details of cards.

We at Amald help you to integrate more than 40 most loved payment wallets in their respective geographical regions.

This not only adds value to your business but also wins you more customers.

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