Amald, International payment gateway provider

Amald is known for its payment gateway services to merchants whether you are the owner of low –risk business or high-risk business; we offer solutions at a price that is suitable for you. Being one of the reliable service providers, Amald is known for its exceptional gateway solution. Our experts are quite skilled at offering an adequate solution for your business to run in an appropriate way. We are experienced enough to offer a solution to any sort of business that you are running. We have created a mark for ourselves in this industry to make our clients attain huge revenue.

24 hours service available for merchants

Amald offers 24 hours of service to clients who are looking for immense profitability in business. You can contact us at any time through an online application form or just make a call to us. Our experts are quick to contact you whenever you approach us. They offer your trustworthy solution to handle your transaction.

International Merchant Account

Amald offers International Merchant Account solutions for your business if you are planning to extend cross-borders. Our offshore merchant account offers enhanced progress in your business. You can look for best solutions within a short span and avail a merchant account without hassles. You can increase your business transaction through our international merchant account and get awesome revenue.

Looking for a grandiose solution for your business, look for an International Merchant Account.

Credit card solutions available for merchants

Credit card solutions have made processes easy if you want a merchant account. Credit card offers a speedy solution to your business transaction once you avail solution from us. With credit cards, your customers pay-out in a relaxed manner.

Secure tools available for transaction

You can keep your business safe and secure with the aid of PCI-DSS, API and other fraud protection tools that assist in detecting fraud and safeguard data. Thus you can secure your business info by protecting from fraudsters or scammers.

A faster solution to pay-out from customers

Amald offers a faster solution to merchants as regard to payment processes and offers long-lasting assistance. You can get instant money without waiting if your website is integrated with our payment gateway solutions. Once you look for us, you get faster solutions to your business transaction.

Cost-effective solution for your business

Amald offers a cost-effective solution to your business if you are seeking a merchant account. Amald minimizes the price of payment processing, reducing your monthly fee and augmenting the profit of your online business. We will assist you to avail adequate amenities from us without any hassles.

High-risk Merchant Account available

A High-risk Merchant Account offered by Amald to merchants to get a solution to their high-risk industries. Amald is one of the popular names serving high-risk businesses. We focus on the most effective solutions.

High-risk gateway solutions for a secure business

High-risk gateway solutions are offered to increase the efficiency of your business dealings through 2d(2D is called Non-3Ds, it had specific measures to keep thorough check on the transaction process between merchant and bank directly without security check.) and 3d solutions. Security is enhanced through these gateways and your transaction functions in an apt manner.

Expert staff to manage the task

Amald consists of specialists who are too good at offering service to the merchants. Our experts offer accuracy to your business transaction once you approach for a payment gateway. They are quick to offer you solutions without a fuss. They are highly cooperative while offering an instant solution to your problem.

Want a solution for a merchant account; connect with Amald’s payment gateway solutions for business.

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