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The Payment System is an integral part of any business and is the parameter of overall market stability. Keeping this practical thought in our mind, “Amald came into the existence of the Fintech industry”.

Our services are all about making business transactions smooth and effortless for both the parties involved in online payment. We are a group of people with some extraordinary knowledge and experience in the fintech& e-commerce industry, who work as a team to bring out the best for our clients. Our business is built with the vision of providing all required services to your business industry. 

The platform of Amald allows merchants to accept payments done through any upgraded payment method, accelerating revenue growth online, mobile devices and at the point of sale. 

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Amald is one of the leading organizations, offering payment gateway services to a wide range of industries. Our clients are our first priority and we work for both low and high risk industries.

We understand the value of every business and so we can easily relate with our clients and their business requirements. With our top-notch payment services we enable merchants to sell and purchase products online. 

Our services are based on the latest technology, connecting different payment methods and card networks across the globe. With our world – class services we have earned the trust of our clients and have become a popular brand in South Asian and European countries. 

Moreover, if you are looking to get international recognition, we also provide a number of remarkable features incorporating risk management, detailed customers insights and revenue optimization.  

Thinking About Our Charges?

Let us tell, we do not have any hidden charges! Our charges depend upon the location and payment methods. You can expect a minimum 1.5% fee but it varies according to your industry and other factors.

Our Working Mantra

• We work with all merchants( every industry)
• We offer upgraded services & support to build a progressive business
• We provide ultimate solutions to drive sustainable growth for our merchants
• We welcome different ideas to bring out the best for you
• We believe in real conversation, receive calls to understand your needs.

Our expertise categories;

• eCommerce
• Education
• Travel
• Pharmacy
• Apparel
• Handicraft
• Entrainment
• Export/Import

Our Billing Address

Amald Merchant Services
Plot – 101 Street 3rd Sector 145
Noida, 201305

Call +91-964-30-78-444
Telegram – @GatewayExperts

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