How We Work

 “We as a team believe in organised working! “

We are happy that you are here to get connected with us. We make sure to give you the best experience with us.. We believe in giving personal touch to every service we offer. This is why we try to understand your vision for your business and try to work on every aspect. This helps us to bring out the incredible solution for your “dream business”. 

Basically, we follow 4 major steps and here you go,

Step 1 –   Time to apply  

Once you are approved, you are eligible to send a request to start payment processing with us. We will review your application & shared details, to ensure and assist you with the best way out. 

Step 2 – Speak to our team

To begin with our processing payments you will need to have words with our team. Our expert will give tailored advice best suited to your business and get an assessment of your business. 

Step 3 – Create an account

When you are approved, you are free to discover our platform functionalities and you can make your first payment trail.

Step 4 – Sign and go live

Complete the legal formalities and you are ready to take your business at new heights. 

Just follow these 4 easy steps and start accepting payments through the Amald payment processing platform!

 Some Additional features that make us stand out from the crowd!

Our process is quick and convenient

With us, you get the teat account that can be set up within seconds, simple on boarding APIs, transparent documentation and dedicated tech support. We respond as soon as possible and not let you wait!

We stay updated with latest launches

When you come to us, we can proudly say – that you are at a safe place. 

Our team constantly keeps eyes on the latest market trend and are always ready to assist you with the upgraded services & features. We stay aware of the market changes and provide you a solution which is updated one.

Growing Together

Every happy client is our asset! When you grow, we do too. We try to understand your industry and do a deep research to get involved. So, whether you are expanding your business, starting a new one or need new payment methods, we are there for you to cover up all your payment system requirements

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