Amald is known as one of the consultants for providing Merchant Account solution to different industries either it is Low Risk or High-Risk Business. Mostly the merchants labeled as Highrisk due to high chargeback history, having a poor credit score and high tickets charging.

Some Industry We deals in:

Bitcoin Payment Gateway

However, Bitcoin is one of the most secured digital currencies which don’t require any fraud tools or PCI compliance; Still, things don’t be in merchants favour when looking for merchant account service. Amald comes into existence as a one-stop solution for merchants. Under our expertise, getting a merchant account becomes pretty easier.

Online Gaming Merchant Account

Snowballing growth of the online gaming sector, gamers are becoming more aware of what they may expect from gaming platforms and infrastructure providers. You may, however, get the most out of your business if you use a reputable online gaming merchant account. Amald offers the best payment solutions for your online gaming business.

Adult Toys Merchant Account

Amald recognizes that different sorts of adult companies have different needs. As a result, we can assist you in getting your adult toys merchant account approval rapidly that suits to your business needs. Accepting credit cards with PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance and other security tools will set your firm up for long-term success.

Casinos Merchant Account

Casino merchant accounts can also be used in the gambling sector. Casino merchant accounts come with a lot of risk factors, such as chargebacks, refunds, friendly frauds, and so on, as well as a lot of revenue alternatives. Getting a casino merchant account from Amald – a reputable merchant account service provider – is easy.

Adult Merchant Account

Amald provides a comprehensive set of services to the thriving adult businesses industry. We have years of expertise working with essentially every sort of business in this market as one of the first adult payment processors online. We are well-versed in the unique payment processing requirements of each sort of adult entertainment business.

IPTV Merchant Account

IPTV merchants are stuck in a never-ending struggle when it comes to getting approval for an IPTV Merchant Account. Their business nature makes things more complicated than we think to get payment processing. Amald takes appearance here as the permanent solution for the IPTV industry to get an instant approval for merchant account service.

CBD Oil Merchant Account

Amald is a CBD payment processor that offers premium high-risk merchant services to CBD businesses. We employ a variety of processing methods to ensure that your CBD merchant processing is quick and easy. Get in contact with us immediately if you’re looking for a CBD merchant account with transparent pricing, practically instant approvals.

eCigarettes Merchant Account

In the online realm, e-cigarette companies are snowballing. Many individuals are moving to the trendy alternative because vaping has been proven to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Finding an e-cigarette merchant account solution is one of the challenges you’ll face if you want to sell e-cigarettes or open an online vape shop.

Forex Trading Merchant Account

The Forex industry is the largest and the most fluid in the industry. Having a Forex Merchant Account enables you to accept and process credit card and debit card payments from traders. Amald being the best payment processing service provider, assists you to get merchant account service with APM and other features.

Escort Services Merchant Account

It’s not easy to find a reputable processor that let you accept credit card payments for your escort business. Nonetheless, Amald has been offering escort merchant account services to the businesses worldwide. To accomplish this, we’ve built a network of international acquiring partners that are subject to less regulations than their onshore equivalents.

Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

The market is booming and it mandates obtaining a fantasy sports merchant account. This high-risk sector will necessitate the use of a payment processing business that is familiar with the ins and outs of fantasy sports industry, as well as recommendations, advice, and sports forecasting. Many of you will require high-risk merchant accounts.

Mobile App Merchant Account

If you’re a fledgling app developer, you’ll want to make sure your clients enjoy a pleasant and safe experience. After all, having a reputable merchant account with payment methods accepted globally is the first step toward developing a successful app development firm. Get the best merchant account service with the best payment processor.

Tobacco Merchant Account

Tobacco is a multibillion-dollar industry, yet it is widely mocked and controversial topic. Many people oppose the tobacco industry because of the dangers it poses to one’s health. Amald helps businesses in approval for online tobacco merchant account regardless of risk levels. We also created specialized payment processing systems for several high-risk businesses.

Job Portal Merchant Account

By eliminating all middlemen involved, job portals enable firms and job seekers to discover the best people and jobs. It’s an excellent propellant for speeding up the recruiting process. Quick Setup, Low Transaction Cost, Fast Payout, and Buyer Security are just a few of the benefits of our Job Portal Merchant Account solution.

Software Selling Merchant Account

As a Software selling merchant, you may safeguard and streamline your online transactions with a high-risk Software selling Merchant Account. Software is in high demand since it is both convenient and inexpensive. People choose instructional software since it is portable and allows them to read their favourite books whenever and wherever they want.

Online Retail Merchant Account

An online retail merchant account provides the solution to the merchants required to operate their online retail business. A retail merchant account comes with all of the necessary services and tools to help your business grow. With an online retail merchant account, you can take your firm to new heights and expand worldwide.

Lottery Pools Merchant Account

Lottery pool merchant account improves the transaction process, and protects the business by exploring solutions for better deals. Amald’s enhanced transaction features eliminate all types of inconveniences and challenges in the business. Merchants can deal with both foreign and domestic clients, and payments can be made at any time and from any location

MLM Merchant Account

Direct deal associations profit from receiving electronic payments in a timely and efficient manner. MLM merchant accounts enable you to digitally identify a wide range of payment options. Acquiring banks consider MLM credit card processing to be high-risk. In any event, there’s no need to be concerned because MLM payment processing can be done in a variety of ways.

eBook Merchant Account

As an eBook seller, you can use an eBook Merchant Account to better secure your business. An eBook is a digital version of a book. It is viewable with the aid of an internet connection because the contents are in digital format. This allows individuals to read eBooks on PCs, laptops, or mobile-devices.

Online Apparel Merchant Account

It’s simple to get your online apparel store open and run. A hosting plan and a merchant account for the clothes business are required for online credit card payments. If you’re going to do business online, you’ll need to be able to accept credit cards, either through traditional ways or through payment brokers.

Credit Repair Merchant Account

Credit repair firms are fundamental to the modern economy. It assists people in getting back on their feet and regaining their financial stability. As a high-risk firm, many banks are unwilling to help with a Credit Repair Merchant Account. If you run a credit repair firm, you’ll need a dependable feature-rich payment processor.

Tech Support Merchant Account

Although the technology sector is one of the fastest-growing industry, still banks are hesitant to authorize merchant account service for businesses, which would allow them to process and accept payments. We can help you set up payment processing for your high-risk outsourcing business, whether it’s for software, applications, products, installation, connectivity, or troubleshooting.

Online Dating Merchant Account

Because online dating merchants are high-risk, having the correct merchant account is critical if you run an online dating business. Whether your dating business is brand new or you’ve been around for a while and deal with thousands of consumers daily, the last thing you want is to run into money processing issues.

Travel Merchant Account

The travel firms are one of the most loved industries by their customers. Still, various factors are the reason to consider the industry as high-risk. As a result, card processing companies do not intend to get involved in the industry. We, at this point, support merchants with all the services they require.

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