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Amald – India’s International Gateway Providers

Our management squad has proven expertise in the financial amenities serving high-risk businesses. We offer credit card processing service to merchants from all over the world. Our high-risk solutions offer a safe business transaction to corporate for enhancing their transaction process. We are well-known for high-risk solutions to our merchants across the globe.

Amald offers altered solutions with durable corporate supremacy and autonomously reviewed with its PCI-DSS compliance gateway. We meet the requirements of merchants and this is possible through our experts. Our experts offer you solution through acquiring banks such as card issuers, internet payment networks and various others in this Payment Gateway assemblage.


Why Opt for AMALD Merchant Services to Process Credit Cards?

Anti-Trouble Application

With AMALD experience quicker approvals on your file. Our application is quite easy to get started with and within fractions…

Expeditious Setups

Merchants can begin processing in few days on secured approvals. Our integration is smooth and can be easily executed by…

24*7*365 Support

We are available for you at your convenient clock time. Our professional team has significant amount of experience to assist…

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24*7 Support
24*7 Support
Expert Advice
Expert Advice
Best Terms Approval
Best Terms Approval
Web Reviews
Web Reviews

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What We Offer

Credit Card Processing

Credit card augments your business in a flawless manner Amald is known for its Credit Card Processing service to merchants. With years of experience in serving the clients, Amald is…

eCheck Payment Gateway

eCheck Payment Processing offers payment in a timely manner Amald offers eCheck Payment Processing to all the merchants for their business to run in an efficient manner. You can get…

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Payment Processing offers easy solutions for your business to prosper Amald offers ACH Payment Processing offers simple solutions for your business to thrive well if you are seeking your…

International Merchant Account

Amald offers hassle-free International Payment Gateway Amald provides International Payment Gateway to merchants to run their business without hassles. Our international gateway offers unique solutions for your business and thus…

Offshore Merchant Account

Seek out Offshore Merchant Account for an extraordinary transaction Amald offers an Offshore Merchant Account for an exceptional surge in the transaction process. There are numerous merchants looking for easy…

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway solutions for merchants without hassles Amald is known for its Payment Gateway solutions to merchants who need a faster payment process. There are solutions for businesses to run…

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Online Dating Merchant Account Offers high-risk solutions for an Online Dating Business

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Adult Merchant Account

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The adult business is regarded as a most flourishing and a growing industry at present times. Thus, with the enhancement of technology, it is easy…

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Amald welcomes all high-risk businesses to avail a merchant account. You can get various solutions to make your business achieve limitless benefit. We have been into the business for the last five years and proved to be beneficial for merchants. We offer credit cards, electronic check processing, ACH and other types of payment solutions. We can offer you a merchant with the aid of international banks. Once you apply an online form with us, we offer solutions to your business through our experts. We forward your application to the acquiring bank. The acquiring bank goes through your document and finally approves a merchant account. It does not matter what sort of business you are running; we offer guidance through our experts to make your dream come true!

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