Credit card processing solutions with a merchant account

Amald offers credit card processing facility with Mobile Apps Merchant Account to make your business transaction secure. Mobile Apps is a fast developing industry and has created a powerful image in the present set-up.  Mobile apps have become a necessity for most of the retailers seeking a grand business. It offers reliability to your business dealings while some apps value a lot.

With credit cards, you can make your business stabilize as the payment processing is fast enough as compared to traditional checks. You do not have to wait in the bank, standing in long queues. With credit cards, you can process your payment anytime and anyplace without a bother. The customers find quite comfortable to connect with you and pay their bills online through a credit card processing service.

A credit card makes your way to appropriate transaction with a merchant account with Amald services. Contact us for a reliable solution.

Multiple currencies secure your international transaction

Multiple currencies with Mobile Apps Merchant Account make secure your international transaction without any problem. With diverse currencies option, you can make your business internationally strong. There are diverse currencies such as UK dollar, Australia’s dollar etc. The international currencies aid in offering the best solutions to your payment gateway solutions. International currencies offer a way to connect with international clients. You can find a suitable base through multiple currency options. Your customers can pay your bill at any time with credit cards. It becomes easy for you to get money in your local currency as well.

Multiple currencies offer a great deal of security while you deal with international clients.

Domestic and Offshore Mobile Apps Merchant Account offered

Amald offers Domestic and Offshore Mobile Apps Merchant Account solutions to mobile apps businesses. Amald feels proud to work with you and offers solutions to your business. We have a great number of contacts with domestic and offshore acquiring banks, which aid to offer you modified solutions regardless of what sort of industry you are dealing in. Our clients find it easy to avail a merchant account once they look for us for solutions.

Get merchant account for speeding up your transaction through our fantastic service and increase your international clients on the other hand.

High-risk solutions offered to your mobile apps business

There are high-risk solutions with Mobile Apps Merchant Account offered to make your mobile apps business function in an apt manner. Amald is one of the financial firms that offer high-risk solutions to your business. With 2d(2D is called Non-3Ds, it had specific measures to keep thorough check on the transaction process between merchant and bank directly without security check.) and 3d gateways that create a major gain in your transaction process and offer a suitable path to your transaction. It makes you avail a secure payment. The payment is transferred from one part of the gateway to another with high-risk gateway solutions. Besides, other supporting tools are applicable such as PCI-DSS, SSL, API etc. incorporation is used to manifest your business as according to your liking.

High-risk solutions create an effective transaction with merchant account way-out for your business.

Why seek Amald for Mobile Apps Merchant Account?

Amald is one of the trusted financial firms offering a grand solution to your business with Mobile Apps Merchant Account. There are various aspects that make merchants to seek our facility. We offer fast solutions to your transaction once you approach us through an online application form. Our credit card facility works as a reliable tool to increase your transaction. Besides, multiple currencies generate international clients with growth in revenue.  Other supported tools such as API, SSL, POS etc. offers strength to your business by securing your transaction process. Moreover, your website is integrated with high-risk gateways to enhance your business transaction. Other than this, there are other services which are provided to the merchants once they affiliate with us for transaction processes.

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