Selecting a Gambling Payment Gateway for your Business

A Gambling Payment Gateway brings forth a better payment experience for the players on your website. The Gambling industry is on the growth track and your gambling business needs to stand tall in these times. The payment gateway is subtle support to your business.

“…cart abandonment rates continue to run at around 70% and – rightly or wrongly- the payment experience is often blamed for that abandonment.” (ThePaypers)

Therefore, putting the consumer experience on your priority list is an important task. Amald offers some of the best solutions for your business. It is up to the chosen features that play a vital role. Therefore, choosing the correct payment gateway depends on the features that a service provider offers.

Why Do you need a Payment Gateway and Service Provider?

You may or may not know that the Gambling industry is a high-risk industry. Therefore, it becomes necessary for a high-risk business to reach a service provider. The conventional service provider will deny a payment gateway to a high-risk business. You will be returning empty-handed from them. Therefore, the high-risk payment service provider is a huge support to your business.

Moreover, you need a payment gateway to process the online payments on your website. Therefore, it needs to be equipped with various features for a better payment experience.

These are some of the features for your business

  1. Global Card Saving: This feature allows consumers to save their transaction details for future payments. It is noted by many online surveys that many consumers abandon a website if they have to enter the payment details again. Therefore, it is crucial for your business to provide the consumers with the best services for payment.
  2. Multiple Modes of Payment: a single mode of payment restricts the consumer to pay through only one channel. However, with a payment gateway from Amald, your Businesses can allow consumers to pay through multiple modes of payment. Some of them are Net Banking, eWallets, eChecks, CryptoCurrency, Credit Card Processing, etc. Multiple modes of payment allow ease of payment according to the consumer’s needs.
  3. Easy Checkout: re-directions have a huge impact on the payment experience. It would be wise for the merchants to get a payment gateway without redirections. Amald offers a Gambling Payment Gateway for your business with Easy Checkout capabilities. It completes the payment processing from a single window. Get away from those annoying Re-Directions!
  4. Top-Notch Security: every payment process contains sensitive data. It is vital to keep the channel completely secured for the payment. Our payment gateway is PCI Compliant Level 1 with SSL Certification. It allows complete security of payment. It generates a virtual one-time password to complete the payment.
  5. Tokenization: another safety feature for your business. However, it is more concerned about the transaction detail saving feature. Tokenization is the process of encrypting sensitive data into non-sensitive data. The non-sensitive data is a token that marks the details of the transaction. These tokens are provided to the consumers for future payments.

Why Should you choose Amald?

Amald has a complete solution for all your payment-related issues. We offer a complete solution for your business with various services. A Gambling Payment Gateway allows your gambling business to reach a wider audience.

As we discussed above, every online company providing goods or services needs a payment processing channel to securely accept the payments. Amald has an in-house team of experts who handle each part of the payment with precision. We are offering you complete Merchant Assistance. It will allow us to tailor our payment gateway according to your needs.

It will allow your business to reach a global audience in a secure manner. The features are not limited to these only. We have an array of features to be integrated with the merchant account for your business.


To sum up, some of the features are complementary to the payment gateway. However, there are some of the features that are exclusive to Amald. We love to help high-risk businesses with international payment gateway solutions.

Your Gambling Payment Gateway will receive a customized solution to suit your needs. Our Professionals will handle all the requirements for your business swiftly. Thus, you can accept online payments on your website readily and boom your business in the international market.

Get in touch with our expert team to know more about the payment gateway services. Easy Integration allows us to integrate the payment processing channel into your website seamlessly.

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