A high-risk solution for E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

Amald offers an effective solution for your online cigarette business through E-Cigarettes Merchant Account. In this case, a high-risk business account is the only solution for you. A similar account is considered important for any sort of business which involves a high-risk.

Once you can effectively achieve an eCigarettes business account, it shall be possible for the merchant to process credit cards online without any hassles. If you are opening a high-risk merchant account, you must be ready to pay several setup charges. It is not surprising if you find a standard merchant account normally needs a small amount of fee. Therefore, it is not easy to avail a high-risk account for your business. With the same account, businesses must pay an elevated rate of interest for credit card

Why does E-Cigarette Merchant Account Consider as High-Risk Business?

There are businesses that sell electronic cigarettes, hookahs and other kinds of accessories require E-Cigarettes Merchant Account.  Traditional banks will not consider them because of regulatory modifications and due to high chargebacks proportions; banks will never approve high-risk e-cigarette business accounts.

E-cig merchants that need credit cards must apply for a high-risk credit card processor such as Amald. As a high-risk merchant account supplier, we specialize in E-Cig Merchant Accounts. We are dedicated to our clients and work with businesses to offer them the modified payment solution that they require. The merchant account is approved by us within a short period of time especially it takes 2-3 days.

E-Cig Merchant Account application needs

If you are looking for a merchant account for your business, you can apply today. To get started, simply fill up the form available on our web page. To speed up the process, move the process and the business must have the following items which include-

  • A legal, government-issued Identity Proof, for example, a driver’s certificate
  • A bank letter or you can provide the pre-printed void check.
  • Provide 3 months related to the recent bank statements
  • Provide 3 months associated with the most current processing reports, if relevant
  • A Social Security Number is provided along with the Employer Identification Number
  • Chargebacks must be below 2%

Once you make your sale online it must be possible for you to increase your E-Cigarette sales. In this situation, you must keep in mind that e-cigarettes are one of the enormously high-risk industries. This is the main reason that searching an exact credit card processor may be really hard for you. To benefit, it is needed that you must find the finest payment processing amenities which shall make your business thrive in an unusual way.

Benefits through E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

There are few of the benefits that you may enjoy with E-Cigarettes Merchant Account are-

  • Credit and Debit card processing services
  • Direct customer support provided by us to our clients
  • Payment processing is done in several currencies.
  • Various other services such as eCheck processing, ACH etc.

As one of the best Payment Gateway Providers, Amald assists you to integrate your business’s software, web, shopping carts, and various other things. Integration is quite easy for you through our acquiring bank associate and this can help in linking your web page to their payment gateway. This makes you receive credit card payments online.

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