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We at Amald provide Travel Merchant Account solutions for businesses to drive exponential business growth with smooth and flexible payment transactions occurring for your business. The business acquires merchant account for rendering multiple features to merchants such as different payment mode option, multiple currency options, better adaptability feature etc. With worthy value-added services, a merchant account assures to secure your payment transactions. We at Amald provide you with the premium services when it comes to payment gateways, merchant account, and other services. We cater to the needs of the business.   

Sri Lanka is an island country located in South Asia. The Country GDP is second only to the Maldives in the South Asian Region. Sri Lanka has been a producer and exporter of cinnamon, rubber and Ceylon Tea. With the emergence of the free-market economy earlier in the Lankan state, privatization, deregulation and the promotion of private enterprise got strengthen in the country. Later, industrialization has significantly increased resulting in the establishment of food processing, textiles, telecommunications and finance industries. Though countries have its economic pillars set up on tourism, tea export, clothing, rice production and other agriculture products. Acquire a Travel Merchant Account to set up your travel business in Sri Lanka.

Businesses in Sri Lanka can get easily Travel Merchant Account

Tourism is at the top of the agenda when it comes to major contributors to Sri Lankan’s economy. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business in Sri Lanka, you need a Travel Merchant Account for the better business prospect. It will provide you with an efficient payment transaction for your business and it will also make your payments secure and safe. We at Amald provide best credit card processing solutions to business to empower them with better payment transactions.      

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