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The Right Payment Solution for International Business

Amald– We not only say that we are the right choice for your business but we genuinely work to get this compliment from our clients. As a Merchant Service Provider, we understand the importance of the simplified payment system for an online running business. This is why we assist our clients with upgraded payment solutions and merchant accounts to resolve all their payment needs.

We have the widest range of payment solutions incorporated with the latest secured tools and features. We support your business in every possible way giving you solutions that empower you to go global. Whether you are a low or High-Risk Merchant Account, having small, medium, or large scale business, doesn't matter. What matters the most is your business! Visit our website to know about our services and features.

Our Services

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards increase your business deals in a perfect manner while you are looking for merchant account solutions. Credit cards are widely used by several countries of the world.

ACH Payment Processing

Having credit card solution does not give the flexibility to merchant to collect the payment from all customers. For many merchants, this can be a missed revenue opportunity.

2D Payment Gateway

If you are a merchant with a high-risk industry, you can look for a secure way-out via a solution provider like Amald. With advanced way-outs, we have made processing simple for our clients.

Amald Merchant Services Include

  • Secure online credit card processing, eCheck payment Processing / ACH payment processing, Check and alternative payments.
  • Secure transactions with our advanced fraud prevention systems
  • Custom transaction reports and statistics generated in real time.
  • Accept fax, phone and mail order purchases with our complimentary MOTO terminal.
  • Branded integration options including third-party shopping cart alternatives.