Online Gaming Merchant Account Offers a growing transaction to online gaming businesses

Grow your online gaming business with a high-risk merchant account

Merchants dealing in online gaming need a high-risk Online Gaming Merchant Account for enhancing their transaction. Though it is difficult to avail a merchant account for your online gaming business, there are few processors that can be conducive to you. Amald is the leading service provider to merchants dealing in high-risk businesses. Amald makes you get a high-risk merchant account with the effort of knowledgeable staff once you apply online.

Augment your online transaction with high-risk business!                                    

Why an Online Gaming a high-risk business?

Online Gaming is regarded as a high-risk business because of several reasons. If a merchant has a local Online Gaming Merchant Account, he will be imposed volume caps and exceeding such caps can be risky for them. There are several merchants who open another account or several business accounts to eliminate limitations and occurrences of chargebacks.  

Gamers often attempt for new games with a credit card payment. Often it happens, they dislike the game or might not succeed and this might give rise to chargeback with their card issuer.

Reliable transaction via credit cards

If you are a merchant, you can go for a credit card solution via Amald. Amald is the leading solution provider offering a diverse credit card solution for enhancing your online gaming business. With credit cards, you can speed up the process of the transaction. Amald offers Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Union Pay, Discover and many more for augmenting the transaction. Online Gaming Merchant Account with a credit card processing offers a trustworthy transaction to merchants.

Offshore payment processing for online gaming merchants

Online Gaming merchants need a business account to keep a check on its transaction. Though merchant can go for a domestic merchant account onshore have rigid rules. In this situation, merchants prefer offshore solutions flexible to deal with. Amald offers offshore solutions to merchants who are dealing in a high-risk business. With an offshore Online Gaming Merchant Account, you can grow your business with no problem. Amald has a solution to your problem as it has vast contacts with acquiring banks. This makes you get an accurate solution to your business transaction.

Multiple currencies enhance your online gaming business

Multiple currencies improvise your online gaming industry with a merchant account. Several currencies are in demand and make you get a safer international transaction. InternationalcurrenciessuchastheUKPound, the European Euro, USA Dollar, the Australian Dollar and several more are conducive for merchants. Diverse currencies with an Online Gaming Merchant Account will help you to get international clients from all over the world.

The Non-3Ds and 3Ds solutions aids in safeguarding your transaction

Get Non-3Ds and 3Ds solutions for safeguarding your business transaction if you are dealing in online games. The Non-3Ds and 3Ds make your business get a safer transaction. Your payment gateway is safe from any obstacles that stand in your way. With these high-risk gateways, it is easier for you to process your payment from customers. You are free of chargebacks and scams with Amald solution.

Skilled experts to offer you a solution

Amald comprises skilled experts who can offer you a solution related to your business. You can enhance your dealings with our solutions once you contact us online. Our reliable staff will offer you a solution related to your high-risk online gaming business. You can contact our experts at

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