Secure solution through an Online Casinos Account

The need for a casino merchant account is on the rise due to the rise of online casinos worldwide. The present generation is grasping the information in the technological world around us and at the same time is searching for a way to earn money through it.

Online Casinos are quite common because they let you gamble and bet online from your home. Amald offers ample secure solutions for an Online Casino Merchant.

Handle your Pay-Outs via Online Casino Accounts

Being in a business can be tough for huge payouts. What is more tiresome is some banks put a volume cap on the monthly transactions. Even some of the merchant and payment service providers put a transaction limitation. In a casino, the consumers deal in small to huge money transactions daily. Therefore, Amald makes sure that there are no limits to the monthly transactions to help you freely carry out your business.

Secure your industry with Amald

Security plays a vital role in shaping up a company’s long-term state. Simply put, frauds, scams, and hacks can degrade a company’s reputation in the market. Chargebacks also hamper the company’s profile.

Thus, opting for a secure solution for your business is a necessity today. Amald provides 3DS and Non-3DS payment processing channels for your Online Casino Merchant Account. 3DS payment gateway possesses an additional third layer of security to protect the transactions. Whereas a 2D payment gateway seamlessly offers quick transactions.

Multi-Currency Options for International Payments

A global reach is a need for every company as the internet provides ample opportunities to every business. And to reach different countries means different currencies to be accepted.

Accepting multiple currencies is easy with an offshore merchant account and a payment gateway from a trusted payment service provider like Amald. Accepting major currencies and across the world grants your business to spread faster and provide better convenience to the consumers.

Necessary Offshore Merchant Account

Tax deductions may hit you hard on the face. Moreover, there are other rules and regulations for your business to follow in your country. Therefore, Amald offers offshore merchant account so that you can enjoy the least tax deductions and favorable rules and regulations. An offshore merchant account provides more value as you are already in control of multiple countries.

Fraud checking device for safe business

PCI-DSS Compliance, authentic SSL certifications are some of the tools that are found beneficial against frauds. Amald is equipped with such tools to ensure that your business is fit for the consumers outside.

Our Payment gateway is compliant with the necessary tools to encourage end-to-end encryption of data. We take extra care that no sensitive data of the consumers is lost in the process of payment.

eCheck payment processing

A high-risk payment gateway that enables users to pay through eChecks is important as eChecks are rising in popularity. It is a hassle-free payment mode that people prefer. Though many merchants suggest it is quite risky, yet, various security protocols keep the data safe and the money secured.

Debit and Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are still one of the most preferred modes of payment around the world. It is because of the ease of payment and reliability of a credit card. Therefore, Amald has dedicated Debit and Credit Card Processing in the High-risk Payment Gateway that you buy for your business.

Chargeback Management

Chargebacks are quite common in high-risk businesses such as Online Casinos. Therefore, you need a payment service provider that has dedicated chargeback management.

The screening process of the payment gateway takes out the baseless chargebacks and only the critical ones are screed to let through. It is a cost-efficient feature for your business as it will keep the chargebacks in check and steadily increase your credit score.

What Amald offers your Online Casino Business?

Amald’s world-class services will boost the business sales to a new limit. There is a huge number of benefits that will uplift the convenience of the consumers. The payment processes are not your worry anymore. We will undertake all the processing through the High-Risk Payment Gateway that we offer.

Whether it is a loaded payout or consecutive small amounts, it is no more a worry for your business. Payment processes for your business will now be hassle-free and seamless.


Bringing things to a close, it is quite necessary to bring in the information that a merchant account is solely responsible to accept online payments. However, a payment gateway is a channel through which the payment is processed to your merchant account.

That makes both of these an integral part of the business. Online Casino Merchant Account allows your business to get an account where the revenue can cycle through. And Casino Payment Gateway will allow you to accept multiple currencies, through multiple modes of payment.

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