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Online Casino Merchant Account

Get an online casino merchant account because the online casino industry is spreading day by day. However, there are still various complications that online and offline casinos undergo – from legal restrictions to issues in receiving payments. In this scenario, you can do one thing to ensure the non-complex execution is to get a merchant account for your casino business under profitable conditions.

Amald can provide you with the best possible solution for you thanks to many years of experience, many innovative features, cooperation with reputed partners based globally, and more. In this blog, you will find more details about us and this type of account. For further information, we inspire you to contact us for further discussions.

Basic Information About an Online Casino Merchant Account

By getting an online casino merchant account, you will be permitted to avail of various benefits, but selecting one may be typical because such businesses are classified as high-risk by many domestic financial organizations. Some primary reasons for that are chargebacks and a high ratio of sales. In the US, most banks reject an application for such an account. Whereas in the UK it is easy to get a merchant account but still you will have to provide minimum 2-year history and various documents. Applying for a merchant account in offshore zones is the best way to proceed. You will find additional details about the benefits of setting up an online casino merchant account below.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

If you are planning to launch an online casino, you should think about your targeted audience. You will have to operate according to your license, because it may prohibited in certain countries. Why is it essential? Because when searching for a payment service provider, you have to assure that you will have all the features and possibilities that you will require. Specifically, you must have clear some things that are stated below:

  • What payment methods do you want to provide?
  • Which payment gateway is it adequate to select?
  • In what countries do you plan to serve?
  • Payments in what currencies are you accommodating to receive?
  • Would you like to be rescued from chargebacks and fraudulent endeavors?
  • What sales volumes do you intend to have monthly?
  • What integration choices do you require to select?
  • Perks of Offshore Banking for an Online Casino Merchant Account

    Offshore banking has a lot of advantages, specifically, for those who like to operate an online casino, consisting of the following:

  • Swift, effortless and convenient registration because offshore banks are less challenging than domestic financial organizations.
  • Accessibility for various businesses, consisting of those with a low credit score, worst payment processing history, etc. because offshore rules are less stringent than that in the US.
  • More possibilities because the customers of different countries will pay you in their desired currency.
  • Taxes advantages because you will have to pay low taxes or zero taxes.
  • No transaction volume limits permit you not to worry regarding the number of transactions and the ratio of payments.
  • Why do you require assistance from Amald?

    You can apply for a merchant account yourself by searching from one financial institution to another, but this may be time absorbing, and this is the worst thing because it may be inadequate. Even if you handle becoming an owner of an online casino merchant account, you will have to focus on sort of things, such as searching for a payment gateway provider, assuring prevention from chargebacks, etc. This will also bring you a lot of time and maybe exhausting. Amald has everything you will require and we are prepared to offer you any kind of assistance you like. We will also provide you with the appropriate suggestions so that you can enjoy the best possible conditions and services.

    How can you apply for our payment services?

    We have numerous payment solutions for various businesses but to select an optimal method for you, we will have to understand your situation. Let us discuss your occurrences, our payment services, and your advantages along with our conditions only if you contact us. We tried to make it more convenient to find us and due to this, there are various contact methods to choose from, such as mobile number, email address, and also an online contact form. There is also a merchant form presented on our website and which has been specially designed and launched for those who want to get an online casino merchant account.

    Why choose Amald?

    Amald is a final destination that you require for everything to start receiving online payments from the players. We permit you to set up a merchant account in a short period of time in the most profitable conditions.

    You can select from various integration options and omit your fears about security. We also know how to prevent fraudulent attempts and chargebacks, which will assure that can operate for the long term without facing any issues with your acquiring banks.

    Also, you can operate according to the license that you receive for your business type. However, we will assure seamless payment processing from different countries and in your desired currencies.

    With us, you will get PCI DSS compliant payment services and select among 3D and non-3D security. We also provide you with recurring billing, due to which you and your devoted customers can enjoy more convenience.

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