Offshore Merchant Account Expands Your Business Globally

Offshore Merchant Account

An offshore merchant account means that your service provider stays in another country. And the business’s primary headquarters location is in another country. For example. When a European business establishes a payment processing account in the US. And the US account would be offshore for the European business.

Offshore merchant accounts are the same as international merchant accounts. The difference is that merchants having offshore merchant accounts are considered high risk. And international merchant accounts are used by both high risk & standard merchants. To those who want to avail the benefit of the booming growth of global eCommerce globally.

Establishing merchant accounts offshore provides high-risk merchants. Also with a safe platform for processing payments. Because it also provides access to credit origination globally. And which protects the flexibility of your business.

Offshore merchant accounts have no limits on volume. To apply for an offshore merchant account. And banks need a processing history. That is at least $50,000 per month.

Advantages of Offshore Credit Card Processing

Are you looking for offshore credit card processing for your business? So you have reached the right place. Amald provides offshore merchant accounts all over the world. And all around the world.

So your offshore merchant account includes.

  • Low Costs. Contact us for a no-obligation comparison. And we will provide our best services at an affordable cost.
  • Multichannel Processing. It allows you to accept online payments. It also allows you to accept payments from mobile devices. You can enter MOTO transactions into virtual terminals. Or you can process bulk orders with batch uploads.
  • Expand Banking Network. Acquiring banks are situated all over the world. Moreover, Offshore merchant accounts mitigate processing risk.
  • Multicurrency Processing. It is the fastest way of increasing sales. Because it accepts more than 50 currencies. And it also receives settlements in various currencies.
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified Payment Gateway. It exceeds the most stringent standards to secure payment processing. Moreover, Level 1 grade encryption will protect your business and your customers.
  • Anti-Fraud Features. Customizable rules & features will help you in accepting good orders. And declining bad ones. And by these features. You will be secured by all fraudulent cases.
  • Recurring Billing Plans. Unlimited recurring payment plans will make continue shopping easy for customers.
  • High-Risk Processing Specialists. High-risk businesses are welcome to apply.
  • Why High-Risk Merchants Choose Offshore Credit Card Processing?

    High-risk merchants get offshore merchant accounts for these five primary reasons.

  • Industry Type. Some high-risk merchants cannot able for US merchant accounts. Due to the products or services are selling. For example. Forex trading platforms, online gambling, adult entertainment. They often use offshore merchant accounts.
  • Processing Volume. International banks allow higher processing volumes. So, an offshore merchant account provides high-volume processing capacity. So there are no limits on processing volumes. And that is useful for fast-growing. And also for high-risk merchants.
  • Tax Considerations. Most companies get merchant accounts offshore for tax purposes. Or to receive business incentives offered in some countries. But others get offshore credit card processing. To avail benefit of various regulatory environments. You will have to check with your business advisors to know. And if offshore payment gateways are suitable for your company.
  • Diversification. Diversification of acquiring banks is another reason for businesses to process payments offshore. For example. Various parts of the world have political or cultural standards. And which accept some products or services more than others.
  • Targeted Region. Targeted regions are another reason for credit card processing offshore. So card processing rates are high when cards are processed. And through an acquiring bank. It stays in the region of a customer.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Processing

    Offshore merchant accounts also include Multi-Currency processing. For an eCommerce business. Multi-Currency payments encourage customers to complete the sale. Instead of updating the shopping cart. Because if pricing is not showing in their local currency. Customers become confused. And start delaying their sales.

    Offshore merchant accounts also consist of an alternative payment method to enhance sales. For example. It prefers local bank transfers. Over card payments in many countries.

    How can you apply for an Offshore Merchant Account?

    Application for an offshore merchant account is free with no obligation. But you will have to apply with the required documents. And the least monthly processing should be $50K for an offshore merchant account.

    And a dedicated account manager will work with you during the application process. The aim for you is to get the fastest approval. And with fewer rates. Moreover, it has the best terms.

    It will take 6-8 business days to approve your account. And from the time when the complete application file is received. And required documents include.

  • Copy of the driving license. Or passport of the merchant.
  • Voided check from the bank to process funds will settle.
  • Recent three months bank statements.
  • And Recent six months statements of payment processing.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Operational website.
  • Why get an Offshore Merchant Account by Amald?

    Here are some reasons to get an offshore merchant account by Amald.

  • Various acquiring banking network provides you access to offshore merchant account globally.
  • They provide you with multicurrency processing.
  • You can accept payments through various channels. Such as online, MOTO, mobile devices, and many more.
  • It provides you with anti-fraud protection. And it also offers customized cascading rules. Also with filters to quick response to changing market conditions.
  • And Level 1 grade PCI DSS compliant.
  • 24*7 trained customer service available.
  • Let’s Wrap Up

    Most acquiring banks let you wait. But Amald approves your offshore merchant account on a priority basis. We are happy to provide our services. And that can provide you with a boost in your business. So, for further information you can drop us a mail.


    That marks the end of the article and here are some of the pointers that you may love to have. At Amald merchant account services is one of the best. We provide all the features for the benefit of your business to make sure that your business can be up and going for a long period. We understand that every business has obstacles in its path. But barrier never stops a business. Sure, it may slow you down but with Amald’s world-class solutions your business will be up and going in no time.

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