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E-commerce In Nigeria is experiencing exponential growth. There is no doubt that the e-commerce industry will experience more development here. The Nigerian e-commerce industry is projected to take the lead in the coming years.

Nigeria’s e-commerce industry has been recently valued at USD 1.3 billion. The reason is 48 million active internet users in Nigeria. People are not only browsing the internet. They are buying products using the Internet.

Merchants in Nigeria need a significant payment platform to fulfill their customer’s requirements.

Amald has brought a solution for merchants in Nigeria. We proffer them Payment Gateway integration with their websites. With our payment gateway, we ensure the safety of their transactions on the local and global platforms. Our gateway solution helps them in several aspects which we will discuss in this blog briefly.

What is a payment gateway?

A gateway is a service that sends all your card transactions to your card processors. It notifies you by sending a message from the Card Processor that lets you know a transaction has been authorized. In easy terms, a payment gateway is a software that works as a mediator between merchants and the bank that authorizes the customer’s payment. A payment gateway is the final step of the sales process on an e-commerce website. You won’t be able to charge your customer securely against their purchase without it.

Getting payment gateway solution with Amald

Acquirer banks always consider it risky to make an online transaction. It makes it high-risk industry. Banks and financial institutes do not intend to make them part of these high-risk industries in any manner.

It makes it quite challenging for high-risk business owners to get payment gateway services. Here the question arises, where to go to get this service for merchants.

Amald takes appearance here as a solution for high-risk merchants. We provide services to all Busines Models. We offer merchant account service along with 2D Payment Gateway for Nigeria. Our feature-rich payment gateway service helps you in the impeccable growth of your business in many aspects.

Easy integration

We offer you an easy payment gateway integration service to merchants. Even a non-tech guy can perform this task under our expert’s guidance.

Give a smooth payment experience to your customers

Experience flawless payment experience and give an error-free platform to your customers to make payments. We offer you multiple modes to accept your payouts from your customers. You can accept payment from credit card, debit card, e-check, ACH, mobile, and others with our payment gateway. Giving various methods to complete the payment process to your customers leads to exponential growth for your business.

Protect yourself and your customer with advanced fraud detection tools

Friendly frauds and chargebacks are very common in the e-commerce industry. We empower merchants with security tools to fight against scams and chargebacks. Our advanced fraud detection tool helps you verify every transaction in real-time and reduces fraud transactions. We help you in every possible way of tackling chargebacks.

Take your business to the next level with a coinage solution

Local currency payment mode means attracting more customers to your business. We facilitate merchants with multi-currency processing. They get the ability to process their payouts in diverse currency with us. Their customers can make the payment in their desired cash. We support all major currencies across the globe.

Multi-channel processing to make your business more approachable

Make your payment processing more accessible for your customer with the virtual terminal. We entitle merchants to make their mail order and telephone order (MOTO) payment processing hurdle-less. Merchants can allow their customers to make payments with any internet-connected device.

Security is no more a concern

Our payment gateway complies with several security tools to protect your Transactions. It has inbuilt PCI-DSS compliance, SSL encryption, and API integration. These tools secure your sensitive information from theft and attackers. You can provide a secure and straightforward payment experience to your customers.

Reliable support to make your gateway service flawless

Our dedicated customer support team stays active 24*7 to assist you.

Credit card processing a next-level solution for your business

Credit card processing aids an extra level of security to your transactions. It reduces the risks of chargeback and fraud from your business. Credit card payments play a crucial role in maintaining cash flow in your business.

Nowadays, people think that cash has become an outdated thing. They prefer to make cashless payments using their cards.

We offer you credit card processing and entitle you to accept credit card and debit card payments. We support all major card brands like Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and more. Merchants can target card users and can increase their product sales. It results in as immense profit for your business.

Get an offshore payment solution to expand your reach globally

An offshore merchant account is a viable solution for merchants that deal in global business transactions. It helps them in collecting credit card and debit card payments from their international customers.

We provide the offshore solution to the merchants along with an international Payment Gateway for Nigerian merchants. It makes you eligible to accept your payouts from your global customers.

Merchants can sales their products and services as much they want with our no capping on transaction volume. They can maximize their customer list and generate massive revenue for their business.

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E-commerce is changing the business world positively. You can show your availability 24*7 without being at your store physically. Your customers can make the purchase anytime they want with e-commerce and a suitable payment gateway.

To know more about 2D Payment Gateway Nigeria, contact us right away.

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